Sunday, 21 June 2009

My card for my daddy

I have been staying at Granda and Karens house for 2 nights this weekend because my mum and dad have gone to Glasgow to see Take That. It has been good to be here for 2 nights as I had more time to make some cards. I have made this card for my daddy for fathers day to give him when we go home on Sunday. I have put Sandy and Robbies names on it as well as they did not make a very good job of colouring in. I had to colour in the footballer a few times as the dark blue kept going over the edges. I had stuck some buttons on the bottom so that I can enter this card in the Crafty Monkeys challenge this week.

I have also covered this chocolate bar to match the card to give to my daddy

I made a card for my mummy for her birthday, but I cannot show you it yet as my mummy might look at my blog and see it before her birthday. I have left her card with Granda and he will post it to her for her birthday so that it does not get lost if I take it home.

I am not sure when I will be back to Elgin again, but will make another card then.

Sophie x

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Lets Get Buggy for Crafty Monkeys

I have been back staying at Granda and Karen's house with my brothers and have made a card today for the new challenge at Crafty Monkeys which is to make a card with a bug or butterfly on it. Karen had stamped this Anya girl for herself but let me colour in one of them. I found these papers in my box and also these butterflies. I cut some flowers out of the second bit and stick them on the card. I have made this card for my best friend Lauren and I think she will love it.

This is me sitting in the garden making my card. It has been a lovely weekend. We went to the beach at Lossiemouth yesterday and played on the sand and Karen and Robbie and I paddled in the water. Robbie got his shorts wet because he wanted to go right in. Karen and I went swimming this morning and now Granda is doing a barbeque for lunch before it is time for us to go home.

This is me with my brothers Sandy and Robbie and Benji the dog - Jambo did not want to be in this picture.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Easter card for mum and dad

I have managed to fit in one more card this morning. I have made an Easter card to give to my mum and dad when I go home. We printed these little chickens off from the computer and I have coloured them in. Karen showed me how to use a darker pen on the edges to make the colour nice. I had real fun with the flowers as they kept sticking to my fingers. Karen made the holes to put the brad through and then I opened them on the back to keep the flowers on the card.

I am now going to the park with granda and Sandy and Robbie so that Karen can get a bit of time to tidy up before we go to Burger King for lunch and then granda will take us home.
I have had a lovely weekend and now am looking forward to seeing my mum and dad. They have been to Newcastle for the weekend and they went to the football to see Chelsea playing as my dad is a big Chelsea fan. Chelsea won so he will be really happy.
Sophie. x

Easter Egg Basket

We went to Brewster Bear for tea last night and I played in the play area with my brothers Sandy and Robbie and I made some new friends - Amy and Rebecca.
When we got back home Sandy and Robbie went to bed and I used the cricut machine with Karen to cut out this basket for my eggs. I used more of the Panduro cut outs and decorated it with these two girls and also the dog. I picked a dress for each girl and used the sticker machine to make them sticky.
We got the eggs and bunnies when we went to Tesco yesterday and they did not all fit in the basket so will we will all get one to eat today.

I am going home today, but will be back to visit Granda and Karen again in May and will make some more things then.
I don't think I will have any time today to make another card before I go home.

Sophie x

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Crafty Monkeys Challenge card

This is my first card that I have made with all the lovely stuff that Karen has given me. I made it it with some Panduro little babies that Karen had already cut out.
I have made this card for Crafty Monkeys new challenge and it is a baby card that I have made for Fiona's little baby girl which will be born in June and I hope it will be cute.

Sophie x